The St. Eustatius  (Statia)  Heyligers

St.  Eustatius was originally owned by England and  purchased  by Holland. Therefore English was the native language. It is located in  the Lesser Antilles and three miles from  St.Cristoffel  (St. Christopher.),  St  Kitts  as it is called today. it  is  a  small island about seven miles long and three miles wide, with a  mountain range about two-thirds of the back part.

Farm land and the town in the front. In the days of early  American colonialism it was very thickly populated and immensely  rich from trade with the American colonies. Often a hundred or  more vessels  were in the harbors. its fertile fields produced  sugar cane,  coffee,  cotton and cassava. Rum and sugar were  made  from sugar  cane. Practically all manual labor was Negro  slaves.  The Heyliger  family owned an estate and played an important part  in the life of the island.

Note: Information received from Desmond Heyliger.

The most distinctive act of its History was the "First Salute", given by Johannes de Graaff, Governor of Eustatius to the  American ship 'Andrew Doria' during the American War of Independence.The  21 Gun salute to the American flag was ordered by  a  "Major KARSEBOAM" who was in charge of the port at that time.

Note:  Major  Karseboam was the great-great  grandfather  of the mother of Desmond Heyliger, Mrs Theodore S. Heyliger. Theodore S. Heyliger, was the last head of the Heyliger family to live  on Eustatius, His wife 'ISABELLA CORNLIA HODGE',  they  had seven sons who eventually left the island.


The  founder of the Heyliger family in the West Indies was  GUILLIAM  HEYLIGER, who evidently was on St. Eustatius by about  1670 when he married ANNA RYCKWAERT. From her surname it appears  that she was the granddaughter of Mathieu Ryckwaert   who was among the first settlers on the island in 1636.  As St. Eustatius was colonized by the 'Zeeland Chamber of the  Dutch West India Company' it is likely that both Guilliam Heyliger and Mathieu  Ryckwaert  came from Zeeland or Flanders.  Guilliam  and Anna (Ryckwaert) Heyliger had six sons and five daughters,  their descendants  subsequently formed one of the largest  families  on six West Indian islands. The family lived primarily on six of the Leeward Islands: the Dutch islands of St. Eustatius, St.  Maarten and  Saba and the Danish (now U.S.) Virgin Islands of St  Thomas, St Croix and St John.

An  indication of the close relationship between the six  islands and the United States is the fact that 75% of the Heyliger  males in  the  third  generation either came to the  United  States  or apparently  had  descendants  who did.  Not  surprisingly,  trade (especially  sugar)  was  the basis of  this  relationship.  West Indian  merchants in New York and Boston married  American  women while New York merchants on Eustatius and St. Croix married  West Indian women. Moreover the economic decline of the six islands in the  19th  century caused many West Indians to  immigrate  to  the United  States. Another reason for the relationship  was  education. Impressed by missionary work of the Moravians in the Danish Virgin Islands, many local planters sent their children to  Moravian  schools in Bethlehem, in addition, a few sons were sent  to American colleges.

GUILLIAM HEYLIGER, born 1650 died 1734 married to ANNA RYCKWAERT

in 1670, daughter of Joannes Ryckwaert also mentioned on St. Eustatius 1687/89 and perhaps granddaughter of Mathieu  Ryckwaert who  as 2nd Lieutenant was part of the troop with  which  'Pieter van Courcelles' on April 25th 1636 occupied the island of St. Eustatius.

Children: Nicolaas Heyliger - Jannus Heyliger - Pieter Heyliger - Guilliaem Heyliger -J ohannes Heyliger -Francina Heyliger - Anna Heyliger - Abraham - Heyliger - Catharine Heyliger- Janneke Heyliger - Maria Heyliger

"1. GUILLIAM (In various spellings) HEYLIGER "the elder," born through estimation about 1650, died approcimately 1734.  (His son called by the same name was mentioned in the baptism register as "Junior" on August 20th, 1733) He was in 1686 and once again in 1687/89 recorded on the  Caribbean Island of St. Eustatius (colonised since 1636), in the  last named years with his sons Guilliam Jr, Johannes and Jannus.These three sons travel in 1690 after the conquest of the  island by  the French and the destruction of the settlement,  with  Commander  Lucas Schorer, by the way of 'Nevis' to 'Saba'.

 Guilliam (the father) took part on the 25th of July of the same year in an expedition  of about 50 volunteers to re-conquer  St.  Eustatius. The  effort  failed,  because at the same time  a  much  stronger English  troop  had landed and overwhelmed  the  island.  Schorer returned  with his men to Saba. St. Eustatius was then for a  few years  in the hands of the British. With the peace of  'Rijswijk' in  1697 with the State General, the island was returned  to  the Dutch  West India Company (W.I.C.) The Heyliger family came  back to  the island, where they met up with there  "Guillaim  Heyliger Sr", and his wife, 2 sons and three daughters on September  10th, 1699, while in the meantime his already married son Jan(nus) with 2 sons and three daughters had already established his family. Also  is mentioned "Anna Heyliger" with three sons and  2  "young men."  Father  nor son had any slaves, so that  their  lives  and circumstances were still very plain. The Census of the island  on the named date was 399 free inhabitants, 67 male adult, 75  women and  257 children with 385 slaves.

Guilliam Sr. in 1705 traveled to St Maarten with 2 sons and  five daughters  and  shortly  after 1720 established  there  with  his family.  This  island was first occupied by the  Dutch  in  1631, although  since  then  has changed  flags  repeatedly,  therefore colonisation  was  not really started until after  the  Peace  of Utrecht in 1713.

Guilliam  apparently owned there a small plantation and lived  on the  Dutch part of the island (the other part was  still  French) with  only 11 male adults as of August 19th 1715. It  seems  from his  last  will and testament of October 10th 1732  to  which  he legalised  to the Calvinistic Church on St Maarten, he  willed  2 pieces of Eight (Spanish Pesos or Half Crowns), and to Maria  his youngest daughter, a little coloured girl named Betsy and a  cow, while he requested by the distribution of the inheritance to give her  custody of the slave Lena, with family. He signed  "Guilliam Heyliger,  Sr." while as witnesses signed Guilliam Heyliger,  Sr. and Alraham Halman.

" NICOLAAS HEYLIGER: born died 1699 married to ANNA BARTLETT of Massachusetts who died in 1728. Children: (1a) William (Guilliaem) Heyliger - (2a) Johan Nicolaj Heyliger Apparently the name of the oldest son (consolidated with those of IIIb) and of his wife are the only ones mentioned by 'Markoe.' The  oldest resident list of St. Eustatius dated  September  10th  1699 reads other than 'Guilliam Heyliger Sr.', Jan(nus) Heyliger, W. 'Anna Heyliger' 2 young men with 1 daughter and 2 sons.  After that she appears as Anna Heyliger, widow, with 1 daughter and one female  slave on the list of 1705. She was not mentioned  anymore after that. According to 'Markoe' the family went to New England. She appears again on the lists of January 18th, 1726 and January 18th, 1728 respectively with one son and one deceased daughter.No more after that.

  (1a) WILLIAM (Guilliaem), married in Salem, massachusetts October 30th  1738  to  HANNAH BARTLETT, (apparently a  cousin)  of  Anna Bartlett, both from Marblehead, Massachusetts.


(1) MARY HEYLIGER: baptised March 3rd 1741 in Salem Mass.

  (2)  ANN (Anna) HEYLIGER, batised on August 25th 1747 in  Marble head,  Massachusetts. Married on St Eustatius on March 29th  1766 (by name Ann Heyliger born in New England with as witness  'Guilliaem  Heyliger'  and  Anna (Bartlett) Heyliger  to  JOHN  CRAEGH RICHARDS,  born Limerick, Ireland. Died in Ireland  December  2nd 1792.

  (3) WILLIAM HEYLIGER, born 1745, died St Croix 18th October 1787, married SUSANNAH SMITH, and they were the parents of:  

(3a) MARY ANN HEYLIGER, born 13th October 1769, died St  Eustatius, 17th March 1798, married 1796 JAMES RUAN of St. Croix. 

Mary Heyliger Ruan, born 30th April 1797 A daughter - 

(3ab)  MARY  HEYLIGER  RUAN born, 30th April  1797  who  attended Moravian Seminary in Bethlehem; P.a  

(3b)  ELIZABETH  HEYLIGER, born 1774, died 1852  married  WILLIAM RUAN of St. Croix. They had two daughters and five granddaughters who attended Moravian Seminary.

There daughter:  

(3ba)  ANN  (Heyliger) RUAN, born 1799, married her  cousin  JOHN RENGGER  SEMPHILL, and they had two daughters who  also  attended Moravian Seminary.

" (2) JOHAN NICOLAJ HEYLIGER, born 1699. died 1765 married to SARAH MARIA  MULLER.  died January 18th 1827. Perhaps also  belongs  to this branch; FREDERICK GUSTAV JOHAN HEYLIGER "Young nobleman" August 11th 1810 Chancellor by the Generalisation of  Copenhagen; secretary of that City March 19th 1812 died August 2nd 1814. Passed away at age of 66 years in 1765, before December 18th.

He  went from Holland to Denmark and was on April 24th 1761  burdened  with the leadership of the dock at Copenhagen by which  in the letter of decision was mentioned that he had served 7 years in Russia and had learned the construction of a dock there. November 12th, 1761 appointed to 'Major of the Danish artillery'. Receives  July 24th, 1765 permission for a journey of 1/2 a  year to  St. Petersburg (registration #539/1765) and died 1765  before December 18th, probably in St Petersburg.

One son was probably: JOHAN GOTTFRIED, born St Petersburg 1742 or 1743 died Copenhagen November 9th 1800. Febuary 25th, 1761  Royal Pyrotechnist  in the laboratory at Copenhagen;  receives  october 14th 1761 100Rix dollars extra salary; January 18th 1764, soldier 2nd  Class (in 1767 24 years old); October 27th, 1773 1st  Lieutentant;  January 20th 1774 Captain; December 5th 1788  Major  of the  Artillery; May 28th 1790 Provincal Commissioner  in  Norway; September 30th 1796 Lieutenant Colonel, Provincal Commissioner of Holstien and also in Denmark of the same year.

JANNUS  HEYLIGER: born approximately 1672. died St Eustatius  (of dropsy) March 10th 1736. married to ELIZABETH JEEMS approximately 1696.  She  remained behind powerless, after her  husband  passed away.  She  humbly prayed "The Council of Ten to  keep  a  little piece  of company land that her husband used, until  the  harvest was reaped." In 1751 she was reported as far advanced in years. Children:

it appears from the above named request of the widow in 1736 that a total number of 17 children in that year there were  apparently still living # 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 11 and 13.

(1a) Guilliaem Jansz (later William) - (2b) Johannes Heyliger - (3c) Anna Heyliger - (4d) Suzanna Heyliger - (5e) Maria Heyliger - (6f) Elizabeth Heyliger - (7g) Isaac Heyliger - (8b) Pieter Heyliger - (9i) Nicolaes Heyliger - (10j) Catharina Heyliger - (11k) Francina Heyliger - (12l) Fanne Heyliger - (13m) Johannes Heyliger - (14n) Andries Heyliger

"As  Jannus (later often called Jan the elder), Heyliger  reported in  1687 as resident of St. Eustatius. There is evidence  he  was sent  with  13 others to assist 'Lucas Schorer' in an  effort  to recapture  the island of St. Eustatius from the French on  August 21st  1690, of which the effort was a failure. it  was  mentioned that his father 'Guilliam' also took part in this. He appears  on September  10th  1699 as "Jan Heyliger" with wife, 2 sons  and  a daughter and only one slave on the list of paternal leaders  with families  living  on the island. Initially  a  "weightmaster"  on August  12th 1700, he is reported as Sargent of the  Commonality" on  July  27th, 1701 after 'Isaac Lamont' was  appointed  to  the Commander.  Through  the Commonality, two were appointed  to  the Council of St. Eustatius. In or before 1709 he was Captain of the Commonality.

As such he served from November 3rd 1720 to November 8th 1721  as such  he served from November 3rd 1720 to November 8th  1721  and from Febuary 9th 1733 to Febuary 27th 1734 as Commander,  dispite constant  competion for the Commandership. Commander  J.  Stevens (1721-1722)  complained to the council of Ten about  the  "Family Cabal" of the brothers Jan(nus) and Pieter Heyliger. Supported  by  his brothers-in-law 'Pieter Hendricks'  and  their relatives  Johannes  Runnels and Jan Markoe, Stevens  mounted  an attack  which  Jannus  could not cope. Stevens won  the  so  much appointed  on  Febuary 27th 1734, of which he profited  only  two years. The residents count of Febuary 11th 1738 for the island as follows:  104 men, 98 women, 350 children along with  570  slaves with 621 children.

(1a)  GUILLIAEM  JANSZ HEYLIGER: married as it appears  from  the baptismal register of oldest son CATHARINE CALWAERT, of St. Maarten. Out of this marriage two sons and one daughter. Children: (1aa) Johannes Heyliger - (2ab) William Heyliger Jr. - (3ac) ? Heyliger

Guilliaem,  (Known later as William), On december 15th, 1715  for the  first time was mentioned on the residents list of  St.  Eustatius and then for 16 years owner of a plantation on St. Maarten and  was chosen there on March 13th 1734 to the Council  and  was recorded  on  Febuary 28th, 1736 to be married with  2  sons  and 1daughter. He continued to be a member of the Councel until  July 23rd,  1737 when the appointed 'Vice Governor John Philips'  had to flee resulting from rebellion. He  was one again inaugurated and the Counsel was purged of  persons who had taken part in the rebellion. Still mentioned on  the residents list of St. Maarten of Febuary 15th 1744, but no longer on  the one for Febuary 14th 1750 on which date his son  'William Heyliger' seems to have taken over the plantation.

 "(1aa)  JOHANNES  HEYLIGER: born St Eustatius November  5th  1726. Baptised December 1st 1726. Perhaps identical with John Heyliger who  married  on St. Thomas, Middle Island, St  Cristoffel,  (St. Kitts) on August 4th 1750 to MARY WHARTON, daughter of "John  and Catharina Wharton". (2c) WILIAM HEYLIGER Jr.: May be identical with 'William Heyliger of  "Tortola  Island", with his wife Mary on may 6th 1752  at  St. Thomas,  Middle  island, St. Cristoffel, (St Kitts),  had  a  son William' baptised.

On the Febuary 14th 1750 residents list was mentioned as  married with  1 son and 1 daughter, owner of 3 slaves and 1 female  slave with  7  children. On October 16th 1751 he was a  member  of  the Counsel of St. Maarten, which function he resigned because he and his  family  had  decided to leave the island.  A  successor  was chosen on May 27th 1752. On May 3rd, 1753 to rent his  plantation to 'WILLIAM MOORE' for Pes V 8 60 yearly. A  son of (1c) or (2c) could be John Heyliger who married on  May 4th,  1771 on St. Cristoffel (St. Kitts) to REBECCA  SAMPSON.  In October 1839 this name still appears on the records there.

(3c) There is little documention about the daughter of Guilliaem Heyliger.

Note: ADRIANA HEYLIGER, daughter of "JOHANNES HEYLIGER and ELIZABETH MOLINEUX" married with (WILLIAM MOORE) 30-9-1779; there is a charter  of that is decorated with the coat of arms of the  bride and  groom  'HEYLIGER  and MOORE, descendants of  the  "EARLS  OF DROGHEDA" it contains a legendary story about the descendants  of the Heyliger generations.

(2b)  JOHANNES HEYLIGER Jr. born approximately 1696/98, died  St. Eustatius 1720 or 1723. Married on St Eustatius on June 9th 1715 to  ELISABETH  ZE(E)GERS  daughter of  Salomon  Ze(e)gers,  1718 member  of St. Eustatius Counsel. Died on St  Eustatius  approximately  1720.  On December 15th 1715 is mentioned for  the  first time and then on the list of January 9th 1720 is recorded with  1 son  and 1 daughter, while the mentioning of his  wife,  probably just died, is not recorded.

Children: (1e) Johannes Heyliger - (2e) Elisabeth Heyliger

(1e) JOHANNES HEYLIGER Jr, born St. Eustatius January 30th, 1718. Baptised  Febuary 20th, 1718. Died there April 7th 1778.  married on  St. Eustatius to MARIA JEEMS on December 12th 1741,  died  on St. Eustatius on March 18th 1785. Out of this marriage.

 "Children:  (1f) Susanna Heyliger - (2f) Elisabeth Heyliger - (3f) Maria Heyliger - (4f) Johannea Heyliger - (5f) Johannes Heyliger - (6f) Anna Heyliger - (7f) Engel Heyliger - (8f) Guilliam Heyliger - (9f) Pieter Heyliger - (10f) Catharina Heyliger

Owner of plantation #9 "Moll (of Mother) Gordons," #10 " Johannes Hof"  situated  at "Tumbledown Dick," #49 and 50  and  #1  "Upper Plantation,  with  residence, sugar mill and  belongings  at  his death, along with possessions were valued on June 27th, 1782  and  P.  25,945.  There also was a additional statement  concerning  a residence  in the village with 15 female slaves and  6  children, respectively valued at p. 4,755 and P. 2,000. By the death of his wife,  the property seemed to be heavliy mortgaged on March  18th 1785 to Nicolaas Doekscheer in Amsterdam (Oct 8th 1776) and  John Packwood on St Eustatius (Nov. 2nd 1778) and Aug 16th 1784). The Council appointed hendrik Pandt and J.S. Dorner as  testamentary executors of the estate. The sons Engle and Pieter  repudiated the inheritance on May 31st 1786. At his death, Johannes was  the oldest member of the Council and captain of the Citizens. (1f) SUSANNA HEYLIGER, Born in 1742 (Markoe), mentioned as  widow September  9th  1805,  married on St. Eustatius  April  9th  1769 (publications  of Banns) GERARDUS LINDESAY, son of' Josef  Lindesay' and Catharina BENNERS. (2f)  ELIZABETH HEYLIGER, born St. Eustatius 1743  (according  to death deed), died there unmarried on January 22nd 1797. (3f)  MARIA HEYLIGER, born 1744 (Markoe), died on  St.  Eustatius Febuary  3rd,  1823. Mentioned on May 6th 1785 and  October  16th 1805 as the widow of "ABRAHAM HEYLIGER GUILLAEMSZ. (4f)  JOHANNES HEYLIGER, born 1748 (Markoe), died before  Febuary 10th, 1750 (5f) JOHANNES HEYLIGER, born on St. Eustatius December 3rd  1750, baptised  December  10th,  1750. Died  there  March  29th,  1786. (through the Council, Lucas Godet and Dick Salomons were appointed guardians of his minor children).

Children: (1g) Maria Heyliger - (2g) Engel Heyliger

A Master builder on St. Eustatius, together with ABRAHAM HEYLIGER and  two other Master builders, were by action of the Council  on March 11th 1765, burdened with the supervision of the maintenance of  the public roads and gutters etc. on the island.  married  on St. Eustatius on September 17th, 1775 to CATHARINA GRYSAERT  the widow  of  Jacob Thomasius, born St. Eustatius 1743,  died  there July  15th, 1809, daughter of Arnoldus Grysaert of Amsterdam  and Sarah Aartsen. 

(1g)  MARIA HEYLIGER, born St. Eustatius December 4th 1775,  baptised  January 21st, 1776. married (civil) on St Eustatius  April 15th  1797  to  MATTHIEW WINDFIELD, born on the  island  of  Saba 1762/63.

  (2g) ENGEL HEYLIGER, born 1777, skipper and ship owner. On  October 27th 1827 recorded as owner of the ship "ARIES" registered at Saba.

(6f) ANNA HEYLIGER born St. Eustatius in 1752 (Markoe). On December 14th 1773, with brother 'Engel', witness to baptism of  child of oldest sister.  

(7f)  ENGEL  HEYLIGER,  born St Eustatius,  November  13th  1754, baptised  December  22nd  1754, died there  November  15th  1795. Married  on  St Eustatius July 19th 1778 to  RACHEL  GODET.  Died there  August  11th 1826. Daughter of Anna  Salomons  and  Gideon Godet Sr., Council of St. Eustatius 1775, owner of the plantation "Industry" #39.

Rachel  Godet made her statement as a widow on June 8th 1826  and lived  then  in  Orangested, next to the house of  her  aunt  Mrs JUDITY DE-GRAAFF-GODET, widow of the millionaire and old Governor JOHANNES DE GRAAFF, owner of 20 male and female slaves.

Children: (1h) Johannes Heyliger - (2h) Anna Heyliger - (3h) Gideon Godet Heyliger - (4h) Guillaume Heyliger - (5h) Engel Heyliger - (6h) Theodorus Godet Heyliger

Plantation  owner  on St Eustatius, on June1st 1785  recorded  as Lieutenant  of the Commonaly and reappointed to the Council.  from July  10th  1792 to August 26th 1795, served on  the  Council  of Police, Civil and Criminal Justice and was Deacon of the  Calvanistic  Church. A glance at the state of things during the  French occupation  shows  the following occurance. On  June  25th,  1795 Engel  Heyliger,  on order of the French Commander  Girod,  by  a Detachment  of French soldiers was brought from his land to  Fort Orange,  on accusation of a female slave. When he protested as  a member of the Council of the island, The French officer added  to him "Coquin de conceiller" and was going to have him locked up in the "Criminele Prison" if the Dutch Captain "Schmit" had not come between them. He was there upon freed on protest of the Council."

(1h)  JOHANNES  HEYLIGER, born St. Eustatius,  August  12th  1779 baptised September 21st 1779. Married JOANNA DINSEY,  presumably from the island of Saba, both died on St. Eustatius 1811, leaving behind  minor  children over which on November  12th,  1812  Chr. Sadler  and Engel Heyliger were appointed to be guardians,  likewise  custodians  of the estate. The estate  appeared,  from  the inventory,  to be a small value: a few pieces of mahogany  furniture, a black boy and a female slave.

The children were:

JOHANNES D(INSEY) HEYLIGER, recorded on St. Eustatius on  January 20th, 1845.

RICHARD  HEYLIGER, died St. Eustatius (in his house in the  upper Village,  apparently at age 45) on August 30th 1842. On July  9th 1835  and  after that repeatedly mentioned on St.  Eustatius,  on December 12th, 1853 as the departed husband of Mary Godet, daughter of Lucas Godet.

(2h)  ANNA HEYLIGER, born St. Eustatius September 6th 1780,  baptised July 1st 1780, died there December 6th 1843. Married  there (civil) July 21st 1799, November 24th, 1799 (church) JAMES  HILL, son of 'Josiah Hill' and Judith 'Runnels'.

(3h)GIDEON GODET HEYLIGER, born St. Eustatius December 13th, 1781 baptised  Febuary 3rd 1782, died there September 10th 1803.  married on St. Eustatius June 19th 1800 CATHARINA CUVILJE, born St. Eustatius 1781/82. The couple recorded a mutual statement on  St. Eustatius  March 25th, 1803. Catharina's second marriage  on  St. Christoffel (St. Kitts) December 1st, 1803 to Robert Mitchell.

Out of this marriage: CORNELIS CUVILJE HEYLIGER, (not baptised on St.  Eustatius),  died  there August 21st 1820.  He  received  on November 13th, 1813 as a bequest at the death of his  grandmother 'Rachel  Heyliger' born Godet the female Sarah with her son  Steven.

(4h)  GUILLAUME  HEYLIGER, born St. Eustatius  June  26th,  1783, baptised July 1st 1783. died young.

(5h)  ENGEL HEYLIGER, born St Eustatius october 9th,  1785,  baptised October 16th 1785. died young.

(6h) ENGEL HEYLIGER, born St. Eustatius march 16th 1787, baptised April  1st.  1787, died there Febuary 8th, 1869. married  on  St. Eustatius october 28th 1809 (civil), November 12th, 1809 (church) MARIA  ANN VERSCHUUR, born St. Eustatius January 16th 1778,  died there December 6th 1851, daughter of 'Jan Verschuur' land  owner, merchant  and  member of the Court of Civilian  Criminal  Justice (1832)  and Catharine Radewijs. On September 1st 1810 they  filed their mutual testament on St. Eustatius. Out of this marriage:


(1i) Gideon Godet Heyliger   2i) Anna Catharina Heyliger

(3i) Judith Rink Heyliger        (4i) Maria Angelina Heyliger

On  January 27th 1810 Corelis Swaen, married to  Sarah  Radewijs, transferred  to 'Engel Heyliger' with a not recorded  mortgage  a livestock  plantation  located  on  "De  Witt  Hoek"  (The  White corner).  Engel  transferred this plantation however  on  Febuary 20th 1815 to his mother. On March 10th 1811 Gideon Godet Sr.  and his daughter RACHEL HEYLIGER born Godet transferred to Engel  the plantation "Industrie" with a mortgage of Ps. 4,219. On the  same date his brother 'Theodore Godet Heyliger' assumed half ownership of  the plantation "Ruimsigt," with a mortgage of Ps. 11,529.  In spite  of this property the planters were impoverished, as  indicated  by  increasingly  heavy mortgages,  through  the  economic decline of the island. On June 26th 1832 Engel signed  with  his brother  Theodore  Godet,  his father-in-laws and  65  others,  a Memorial of the inhabitants of the island St. Eustatius" to  the king,  in which was said "the colony is reduced to the  last  extreme of poverty." However the lowest point had not been reached.

(1i)  GIDEON GODET HEYLIGER, born St. Eustatius 1821, died  there December 11th 1894. Owner of the plantation "Industrie",  married on  St. Eustatius Febuary 12th, 1853 ANNA REBECCA HOLM, born  St. Eustatius April 6th, 1820 (according to death certificate),  died there April 12th, 1875. Out of this marriage,

children:     (1j) Thoedore Godet Heyliger (2j) George Henry Heyliger

(1j) THEODORE GODET HEYLIGER, born St. Eustatius August 3rd, 1854 died there April 19th, 1935. Owner of plantation "Industrie". After  the several below-listed sons, for whom there  existed  no economic possibilities on the impoverished islands, already  went to the United States, the family emegrated to Boston, USA.  Theodore  Godet himself however returned to the island of his  father and became Harbour Master and member of the Council of Justice in 1918. Married on St. Eustatius March 15th, 1879 ISABELLA  CORNELIA  HODGE,  born St. Eustatius October 3rd 1859,  died  Concord Mass.,  December  4th 1944, daughter of Robert Janion  Hodge  and Rosetta Josephine Marcial. Out of this marriage.


(1k) Robert Godet De Nievelt Heyliger    (2k) Francis Nathaniel Heyliger

(3k) Theodore Godet Heyliger                   (4k) George Packwood Heyliger

(5k) Johannes Anthonie Heyliger               (6k) Desmond Heyliger

(7k) Engel Stephanus Heyliger

(2j) GEORGE HENRY HEYLIGER, born St Eustatius November 20th 1859, died there July 14th 1861.

(1k) ROBERT GODET DE NIEVELT HEYLIGER, born St Eustatius  September 9th 1880. Yard Master of the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad  at  New Bedford, Mass. Died there January  29th  1959. Married  there on December 23rd 1903 FLORENCE TRIPP. Out of  this marriage 6 children.

(2k) FRANCIS NATHANIEL HEYLIGER, St. Eustatius October 12th 1882. Manager of paint supply store at Boston. Died there August 1919.

(3k)  THEODORE GODET HEYLIGER, born St. Eustatius  November  18th 1884.  Laywer  at  Boston, died Concord, Mass.  March  3rd,  1950. Married  BERTHA LOUISE WEISSENT June 12th 1909 at Boston. Out  of this marriage 7 children.

(4k)  GEORGE  PACKWOOD HEYLIGER, born St Eustatius  Febuary  27th 1887. Machinist at chemical plant in Watertown, Mass. Died  there Febuary  24th 1918. married at Melrose, mass. on  September  20th 1914,  PAULINE  WEISSENT. Out of this marriage  two  children  of which  a  son  GEORGE HEYLIGER, born Melrose May  8th  1919,  was killed  in battle October 9th 1942 on the island of  Gualalcanal. After him was named the US Destroyer "GEORGE HEYLIGER."

(5k)  JOHANNES  ANTHONIE HEYLIGER, born  St.  Eustatius,  January 27th, 1889. Student. Died Boston December 27th, 1908.

(6k) DESMOND HEYLIGER, born St Eustatius may 11th 1894. Clergyman of  the Baptist Church at Newton, New Jersey, and later with  the Methodist  ministry  at Fayetteville, Ark. Died there  June  29th 1968. Married MARJORIE MOLT of Germantown, Pa. Febuary 24th 1925. Out of this marriage 3 children.

(7k) ENGEL STEPHANUS HEYLIGER, born St Eustatius June 17th  1900. Insurance and real estate broker. married DORIS FLANDERS,  August 31st, 1929. Died at Springfield, Mass. May 14th 1947. Out of this marriage 2 children.

(2i)  ANNA  CATHARINA HEYLIGER, born St. Eustatius  1809/10  died there unmarried October 20th 1882.

(3i)  JUDITH RINK HEYLIGER, born St. Eustatius Febuary 3rd  1812, died unmarried on the plantation "Industrie" October 29th, 1854.

(4i)  MARIA ANGELINA HEYLIGER, born St. Eustatius  1813/14,  died there unmarried March 21st, 1879

(7h) THEODORUS GODET HEYLIGER, born St. Eustatius April 1st 1790, baptised  April 11th 1790, died there August 5th  1845,  married MARIA  (MAATJE) ARABELLA O'FLAHERTY, born St.  Eustatius  October 23rd 1786, baptised November 13th 1786, died there September 21st 1830. Daughter of Doctor 'Andrew O'flaherty' of Galway,  Ireland, Doctor at St. Eustatius and 'Maria Salomons'. She was the widow of John Williams, died on St. Eustatius October 6th,  1809, owner of the sugar plantation "English  Quarter"  and other  properties on St. Eustatius along with two houses  and  45 male and female slaves with 13 children.

Theodore  Godet took as equal with his children one 'David  Young campbell' born Trinidad febuary 8th 1815, son of his wife.

Theodore  Godet  obtained on November 1st 1814,  along  with  his mother  'Rachel  Heyliger', from 'Johannes de Graaff  Godet'  the plantation  "Ruimsicht" and a house and farmyard  in  Oranjestad, with  a  mortgage of 25,008 pes.

On July 8th 1815 they assigned half of property, with a  mortgage of 11,529 pes., to their brother and son 'Engel'. On October 20th 1826 the Heyliger- O'flaherty couple obtained the ajacent plantation "Willemstad" after which the complex was consistantly  known as "Willensted and Ruimsicht." On June. 28th, 1830 and additional mortagage  was obtained for 30,000 Pes. Equal to Fr  62,400.  The married  couple  also owned the plantation "Fairplay  and  Roots" with 185 acres of farmground and 22 acres of pasture.

By the death of his wife it became joint property on January  3rd 1831  with  the orphan and on febuary 16th  1831  the  bankruptcy court  intervened.  Both times it was valued at  Fr.  160,965,25, namely  Fr. 69,209 for "Willemstad and Ruimsicht"  (including  78 slaves),  and Fr. 54,240 for "Fairplay and Roots"  (including  23 slaves),  besides  more properties and a house in  the  Uppertown along  with 42 houses slaves and household goods.  Against  this, however, stood debts of Fr. 115,849,38, thus the balance amounted to  Fr. 45,115.86 of which half came to the four minor  children, after a deduction of 5% for the orphanage. Theodore Godet  placed himself as guarantor.

Realising the large debts carried by the last named as  landowner and  slave keeper, his brother Engel reports on June  26th  1832, the memorandum to the king was co-undersigned.

After  the death of Theodore Godet On August 19th 1845, his  will was opened, from which he left Fr. 50 to the poor of the  "established church (he probably was not sure which that was or by  his death would be) and further universal heirs named his stepson and his own three children. First named became executor and  guardian over  the  three minor children. Further the  testator  appointed that no immovable goods were allowed to be sold until the  youngest of the children would be of 21 years of age, and only then if all  would consider it urgent. The total of estate was  appraised on September 11th 1845 at Fr. 171,406, Fr. 8,155 in cash, Fr. 850 in  Jewels  and (lots) silver. The debts were not  reported,  although  they must have been considerable, because the in  inheritors requested on August 15th 1845 "Jus deliberandi". The  son  by  a previous marriage, 'David  Young  Cambpell'  born Trinadad  Febuary 9th 1815 died on the St.  Eustatius  plantation "English  Quarter" on December 18th 1868.

He married on November 30th 1839 ALETTA DE GRAAFF GODET born  St. Eustatius April 19th 1820, died there on November 6th 1866 on the plantation "English Quarter" (then belonging to her), daughter of Johannes de Graaff Godet and Ann Hill. No children. as it appears from  his testament of November 19th 1866 he owned together  with his half brother Engel and his half sister MARIA ARABELLA  McDONALD born (Heyliger), the plantation "Lynch" and 1/3 of a "country seat" "Mary's Delight" better known as "Knypinga".

Besides  that,  the plantation "Willemstad and Ruimsicht"  (  256 acres and 30 added to Willemstad purchased from Engel  Heyliger) with living quarters, and the plantation "Zeelandia" (190  acres) quarters,  and several smaller lots in the Upper and Lower  town. " Several lots of Jewels and silver although only Fr. 150 in  cash. very little livestock and (naturally after 18630 no more  slaves. Also  a nice size libary of approximately 100 copies  of  English classics  history etc., one of the few in whose inheritance  Col. M.R.H. Clameyer came upon.

He left the fruit harvest from his 1/3 share of the lands "Lynch" or "Knypinga" to his brother Engel, with the condition that after his death this to the heirs would revert. Universal heirs for 2/3 was  Thomas Nelson Cockfield Pandt (son of Jane Pandt  born  Hill daughter  of Anna) and for a 1/3 his niece MARIA  ELIZA  HEYLIGER McDONALD  (daughter  of his half sister MARAI  ARABELLA  McDONALD born  Heyliger).  Guardians for the minor  children  became  Jane Pandt  born Hill the before mentioned and James Hill (both  children of Anna Hill born Heyliger). Out of this marriage:

1.ENGEL (ENGLE) HEYLIGER,born St. Eustatius April 23rd 1820, died there unmarried April 11th 1872.

2. JOHN WILLIAMS HEYLIGER, born St. Eustatius October 10th  1822, died 'Curacao' July 19th 1840.

3. MARIA ARABELLA HEYLIGER, born St. Eustatius October 19th 1823, died  January  28th  1870. married on St.  Eustatius  (civil)  on December 22nd, 1847 peter John McDonald, born Kent, England  1822 a  Lieutenant in British 3rd West Indies regiment garrisoned  on St.  Christopher,  (St.Kitts), later  Lieutenant-Colonel  in  the British 4th West Indies Regiment.

(8f)  GUILLIAM  HEYLIGER,  born St. Eustatius  January  1st  1757 baptised febuary 27th 1757, died St. Eustatius November 10th 1782

(Markoe). married on St. Eustatius September 26th, 1779 ELIZABETH KENDER (age 16) born St. Eustatius 1762/63, died on St. Eustatius 1785/86.

(9f)  PIETER HEYLIGER, born St. Eustatius October 28th 1759  baptised December 9th 1759. Died there unmarried November 30th 1799. Owner  of  the plantation "Spitefull Security" on  St.  Eustatius "Behind the mountian," with a residence of four apartments and 15 slaves  along  with an annexed fruit growing piece of  land  with house of two apartments and a house in the village which he  left to the free female slave (Cloe Heyliger). On  April 22nd, 1795 chosen by a committee of 12  representatives to consult with commissioners of the French Republic, who demanded that the island had to be under French protection and to  take in a French garrison. The following day was chosen by the committee  to meet with one of the four spokesmen to whom  the  demands were conceded.

(2e)  ELISABETH  HEYLIGER, born St. Eustatius in  September  22nd 1719,  baptised October 16th 1719. Died there March  17th,  1793. Married  on  October 1st 1741 SIMON CUVILJE, born  St.  Eustatius August 5th, 1710, son of 'Pieter Cuvilje' and Johanna Hassell."

(3b)  ANNA HEYLIGER: born in St Eustatius (according to the  marriage  certificate). Married there on July 11th, 1723 to  CHARLES WALTERS of (St. Cristoffel) now known as St. Kitts.

(4b) SUZANNA HEYLIGER: born St. Eustatius, married to  (according to marriage certificate), to PETER GRAVEL, January 20th 1726 from the island of Saba.

(5b) MARIA HEYLIGER: born on St. Eustatius (according to marriage certificate). Married on St. Eustatius August 8th 1729 to  PIETER MARKOE,  born St. Eustatius, son of 'Jan Markoe' and  Maria  Gerrits.

(6b) ELIZABETH HEYLIGER: born on St. Eustatius, married to  JACOB CALWAERT, March 11th 1725 (according to marriage certificate), on St  Eustatius.  moved to the island of St Maarten. in  1737.  Her husband was recorded as a Council member there. (From  a comparision of the residental list of January  1st  1710 and  from December 15th 1715, it seems that a son and a  daughter were born, but who had died before the following dates.)

(7b)  ISSAC HEYLIGER, born St. Eustatius May 2nd  1711,  baptised May 9th 1711. Died before December 15th 1715 at four years of age

(8b)  PIETER HEYLIGER, born St. Eustatius 6th July 1714, died  by 1759,  who married on St Kitts, 24th August 1737 to SUSANNA  GIGNILLIAT,  whos father was born in South Carolina, Their  son  was PIETER  HEYLIGER, who died between 1791/98 who, by his  wife  ANN ALLAIRE had two daughters who married Americans:

Children:   (1) Susanna Heyliger      (2) Louisa Heyliger

(1)  SUSANNA HEYLIGER, born St Eustatius 7th March 1776, died  in Philadelphia, 26th January. 1857, who married on St.  Barthelemew (St.  Barts),  26th March 1797 to Commodore  WILLIAM  BAINBRIDGE, United States Navy.

(2)  LOUISA HEYLIGER, born St. Eustatius 19th October 1783,  died Camden, New Jersey, 6th August 1857, who married in  Philadelphia on 21st June 1808, JOHN BARRY of Torresdale, Pa.

Note:  (William Sargent), born in Malden, Massachusetts,  and  of St.  Eustatius,  and a descendant of  the  "MAYFLOWER"  passenger 'John  Howland' Second husband of Ann Allaire Heyliger,  wife  of Pieter Heyliger. Ann was the stepdaughter of 'LUCY AUDAIN TEXIER. From  a  review of St. Eustatius marriages and  baptisms  it  now appears  that that the probable father of Ann is revealed by  the record  of  the marriage, 2nd August 1768, of JACQUES  TEXIER  to "Lucy  Elisabeth  Audain", last wed JEAN PIERRE ALLIER,  geb.  te Philadelphia".  It is possible that he belonged to  the  'Allaire Family of New York and the West Indies."

(9b)  NICOLAES HEYLIGER, born St. Eustatius 20th September  1716, died there 23rd Febuary 1777, who married on St. Eustatius,  21st May 1736, MARIA BROTHERSON LANGLEY.

children:  (1) Aletta Heyliger   (2) Maria Heyliger

ALETTA HEYLIGER, born St. Eustatius 27th December 1744, died  St. Maarten, 1804 married her cousin LUCAS HEYLIGER.

MARIA  HEYLIGER, born 1737, married her cousin  PIETER  CORNELIS GROEBE

Children:   (1) Maria Groebe    (2) Elizabeth Groebe     (3) Aletta Groebe

(1) MARIA GROEBE, born St. Eustatius 13th October 1753 married on St.  Eustatius  16th  January 1774, as his  second  wife,  GERRIT SPREEWERT  DE WINDT. They were the parents of PETER  CORNLIUS  DE WINDT,  born  1776, died May 1852, who settled at  Fishkill,  New York., in the early 19th century.

(2) ELIZABETH GROEBE, born St. Eustatius 15th October 1759,  died Fishlkill  October  1856, who married on St.  Croix,  20th  March 1776, to JOHN DE WINDT of New York City and Fishkill.

Children:     John Peter De Windt

JOHN PETER DE WINDT, born 29th October 1787, died Fishkill  17/18 November 1870 married a Granddaughter of President JOHN ADAMS.

(3)  ALETTA  GROEBE, born St. Eustatius 13th October  1761,  died 15th October 1828, married Lt. Colonel GERRIT SPREEWERT DE  WINDT of St. Thomas, born Tappan, New York 3rd September 1748,  brother of John de Windt.

(10b) CATHARINA HEYLIGER: born St. Eustatius September 23rd 1718, died before January 9th 1720.

(11b) FRANCINA HEYLIGER: born October 21st 1720. baptised October 30th  1720. Ist married November 21st 1746 to "Monsieur"  JACOBUS ACHE.  Her  2nd marriage at St Anne, Sandy Point,  St  Cristoffel (St.  Kitts) on August 30th 1748 and once again on St.  Eustatius March 2nd, 1749 to a JAMES MAYBERRY, born Coubrain, Ireland.  She was living as his widow on St. Eustatius on October 19th 1790.

(12b) FANNE HEYLIGER, born St. Eustatius on October 18th 1722. Baptised October 22nd 1722 Died before January 18th 1724.

(13b)  JOHANNES HEYLIGER, born St Eustatius May 10th  1725.  Baptised June 3rd 1725. May be identical with the person of the same name who married on St. Eustatius on May 21st 1750 to MARIA EAST.

No further information on St. Eustatius has been encountered." (From a comparison of the residents list of January 18th 1726 and January 18th 1728, it seems that between those dates another  son was born and died.)

(14b) ANDRIES HEYLIGER, born and baptised on St. Eustatius,  July 2nd 1730, died before December 11th 1738.

PIETER HEYLIGER, born 1673, died 1749/50 who married about 1700 MARIA WATERS.


(1) Anna Maria Heyliger   (2) Elizabeth Heyliger      (3) Catharina Heyliger

(4) Pieter Heyliger             (5) Johannes Heyliger     (6) Guilliam Heyliger

(7) Nicolaas Heyliger         (8) Abraham Heyliger

(1)  ANNA  MARIA  HEYLIGER, born 1700, died  St.  Eustatius  28th January, 1795 married LUCAS DOEKE GROEBE. Their son PIETER CORNELIS  GROEBE, born St. Eustatius 25th December 1729,  married  his cousin 'MARIA HEYLIGER'. His sister 'ELIZABETH GROEBE, born 1740, died St. Eustatius 3rd September 1811, married on St.  Eustatius, 31st December 1759, ADOLPHUS ROOSEVELT of New York City.

(2)  ELIZABETH HEYLIGER,babt. St. Eustatius 19th July 1711,  died 1768,  who  married on St Eustatius, 22nd  Febuary  1729,  WILLEM STOCKVIS;  they  were the great-grandparents of  MARGARET  SOPHIA 

MULLER, who married in 1825 WILLIAM T. LAWERENCE of New York City and Tompkins County, New York.

(3)  CATHARINA  HEYLIGER, born St. Eustatius 9th  November  1721, died. St. Croix 12th October. 1799, wife of MAJOR BERTRAM  PIERRE DE  NULLY,  married on St. Croix, 15th April 1772, as  his  first wife,  'NICHOLAS CRUGER' of St Croix and New York City,  the  employer  of  'AXEXANDER  HAMILTON.'

Another  daughter,  'MARIA DE NULLY, married on St.  Croix,  3oth December 1772, JOHN RENGGER, and became the grandparents of  JOHN RENGGER SEMPHILL who married his cousin ANN RUAN, there son PETER HEYLIGER DE NULLY,born St. Eustatius 23rd may 1749, married  MARY ANNA TUITE, and there grandson OSKAR PETER VON MOLTKE settled in the United States about 1878.

Note:  The second wife of NICHOLAS CRUGER was ANN MARKOE,  sister of ELIZABETH (MARKOE) HEYLIGER; see his will, dated 22nd Febuary 1791 and a codicil dated 16th January. 1800, proved 24th  September  1800  (New  York County Wills  43:287).  ABRAHAM  MARKOE,who settled in Philadelphia in about 1700, was their uncle as well as the  uncle  of  PETER MARKOE (whose sister  MARGARET  MARKOE  and brother FRANCIS MARKOE settled in the United States). Mrs. Harold Burch  (nee  JUDITH  MARKOE) kindly provided an  outline  of  the family;  see also DAB 6: 286-87 (ABRAHAM MARKOE)." 287-88  (PETER  MARKOE; R. Winder Johnson,  Ancestry  of  Rosalie Morris  Johnson  (Philadelphia,  1905),pp.  121-22;  Elfrieda  A. Kraege, comp., "Records of fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church,  New York, 1808-1859". New York Evening Post, 17th October 1850.

Note:  Thomas  Lawrence,  Historical genealogy  of  the  Lawrence family (New York,1858), pp. 114-15; Calmeyer notes.

Note:  Adolphus  Roosevelt  was a brother of  the  second  great-grandfather  of President FRANKLIN DELANO ROOSEVELT. (the  Roosevelt  Genealogy  (Hatford Conn., 1902), P. 31;"Santa Cruz  or  St Croix", Caribbeana 5:265-68 at P.267 (1919); Burkes Landed Gentry 18th ed., London, 1972) 3:121, "Brooke of Sarawak".

(4) PIETER HEYLIGER, The oldest son of Pieter Heyliger was PIETER HEYLIGER,  born, 1707, died 1772, who married on  St.  Eustatius, 23rd March 1727 to MARIA ALETTA MEYERS.


Johannes Heyliger      Anna Carolina Heyliger      Martinus Meyers Heyliger

JOHANNES  HEYLIGER,  born St. Croix April 8th  1736,  died  1786 married in New York City on March 15th 1775, to SARAH KORTWRIGHT, sister-in-law of President JAMES MONROE.

Note:  Kenneth  Scott, Genealogical Dat from  Colonial  New  York Newspapers  (Baltimore, 1977), p. 196; Clarence  Winthrop  Bowen, The History of Woodstock, Connecticut (Norwood, Mass.,  1926-43), 2:260;  Alexander  G.  Rose III, ed.,  The  Durant  genealogy, (Baltimore, 1966), pp.57-58

ANNA  CAROLINA  HEYLIGER,  who married about  1760  to  GOTTFRIED KRAUSE and had a son and two grandsons who attended Nazareth Hall in  Bethlehem,  Pa..,  as well as a  granddaughter  who  attended Moravain Seminary there.

Note:  One  of thes grandsons was John G. Meyer, son  of  Johanna Rosina  (Krause) Meyer. Anna Carolina Heyliger married  secondly, by  contracted dated 8th March 1783, Jacob Lindberg, by whom  she might have been the mother of Henning Lindberg who entered  Nazareth Hall in 1791.

Note (2): Identification based on a Chabert-Heyliger ms. Genealogy by Egil Snorreson, courtesy of General Calmeyer.

MARTINUS MEYERS HEYLIGER, born St. Maartens 1st August 1732, died St  Croix  22nd March 1800, who married on St. Croix,  24th  July 1773  to  ELIZABETH MARKOE. Six of their sons  attended  Nazareth Hall;

WILLIAM HEYLIGER, born St. Croix 14th March 1784, died there 25th January.  1841, had a son who attended and a a daughter  who  was baptised at Trinity Church, New York City, 16th December 1812." MARY  ALETTA HEYLIGER, born St. Croix 30th July 1776,  died  16th October 1850, who married on St. Croix 26th November 1801 to  her first cousin once removed, PETER MARKOE.


Martin Meyers Heyliger Markoe,      Hartman Markoe

Note:  Trinity  Church baptisms (ms. at the libary  of  New  York genealogical and Biographical Society).

MARTIN  MEYERS HEYLIGER MARKOE, born St Croix 10th Febuary  1803, received an M.D. degree from Bowdoin College in 1825 HARTMAN MARKOE, settled in the United States.

(5)  JOHANNES  HEYLIGER, born St. Eustatius  1710,  died  Spanish Town, to VIRGIN GORDA 21st November 1752, Governor of St Eustatius  1743-52,  who married on St Eustatius, 15th October  1732  to JUDITH SIMONSZ DONKER. They were the parents of ELIZABETH HEYLIGER,  born  St. Eustatius 23rd Febuary 1750, who  married  on  St. Eustatius, 13th November 1765 to JAN JACOB DE WINDT.

Note: GERRIT SPREEWERT DE WINDT and JOHN DE WINDT were the  first cousins,  but it is not yet clear what relation they bore to  JAN JACOB DE WINDT and ADRIANA MARGARETHA DE WINDT (who were  brother and  sister). I am preparing agenealogy of the DE WINDT  families of  the West Indies, based on researches of the Rev.  F.  Kenneth Barta, Henry Eliot Scott and General Calmeyer.

Their son JAN DE WINDT, born St. Eustatius 1765 buried St  Croix 15th March 1803, married on St. Croix, 8th July 1790, his  cousin SARAH  ROOSEVELT, baptised St. Eustatius 8th November 1771,  died in  Paris  13th  July 1850, daughter of  ADOLPHUS  ROOSEVELT  and ELIZABETH   GROEBE.  JAN  and  SARAH  DE  WINDTwere  the   great-grandparents  of  MARGARET ALICE LILY DE WINDT,  born  Paris  6th October  1849, died 1st December 1936.

She  married 28th October 1869, to Sir CHARLES  ANTHONY  JOHNSON-BROOKE, the  second  "WHITE RAJAH" of Sarawak, and  two  of  their granddaughters settled in the United States.

Note:  Sir James Brooke (1803-68 ) was the first "White Rajah  of Sarawak:  A  province of the coast of Borneo; was made  Rajah  of Sarawk  (1841)  for assistance rendered to the Sultan  of  Borneo against rebel tribes.

6)  GUILLIAM HEYLIGER, born St. Eustatius 11th April  1713,  died 1766 who was probably the "Mr Guilliam Heyliger, a merchant  from St. Eustatius" in Boston in 1750. He appears to have married 29th September 1754, to HANNAH BARTLETT, widow of his cousin  "WILLIAM HEYLIGER.

Note:  "extracts  from Capt. Francis  Goelet's  Journal...",  New England  Historical and Genealogical Register 24:50-63 at  pp.56, 59-61 (1870)"

(7)  NICOLAAS HEYLIGER, born St. Eustatius 23rd March 1715,  died 1746, whose illegitimate son 'Nicolaas Righton heyliger, born St.

Eustatius 20th January 1738, married ANNA KING. Their son: NICOLAS WILLIAM HEYLIGER, born St. Eustatius 15th October 1757 is perhaps  the Nicolas Heyliger who graduated from  King's  College (now Columbia University) in 1774.

(8) ABRAHAM HEYLIGER, born St. Eustatius 18th October 1717,  died St Maartin 23rd July 1783, Vice-Governor of St. Maarten  1748-83. By  his first wife JUDITH BENNERS, marriedon St Maarten 31st  may 1736, he was the father of 'MARIA HEYLIGER, baptised St. Eustatius,  March 1739, died 1757, wife of JOHANNES DE GRAAFF,  Governor of  St.  Eustatius during the American  Revolution.  Governor  De Graaff's  official  salute to the American flag in 1776  and  the island's  economic support of the patriots during the  revolution resulted  in the devastation of St. Eustatius by the  British  in 1781.  Abraham Heyliger married (2nd) on St Maarten, by  contract dated  11th June 1757, to CHARLOTTE DESMONTS and (3rd) there,  by contract dated 17th September 1763, JEANETTE MARIA BROTHERSON. Of his  13 remaining children the following six had  descendants  in the United States.


(1) Pieter Heyliger    (2) Lucas Heyliger   (3) Johannes Heyliger  (4) Maria Heyliger

(5) Sarah McArthur Heyliger    (6) Elizabeth Sophia Heyliger

(1)  PIETER HEYLIGER, born 27th November 1737, died 1806  married on  St.  Eustatius 15th June 1760 to ADRIANA MARARETHA  DE  WINDT Their  daughter "JUDITH ALETTA HEYLIGER" born St.  Eustatius  1st Febuary  1762, died St. Croix 1st April 1839 married on St.  Eustatius,  14th  November 1776, to "JOHANNES  BENNERS",  and  their daughter  "ADELINE MARGARETHA BENNERS' married on St. Croix  22nd June 1802, her first cousin removed "ABRAHAM DESMOND HEYLIGER".

(2) LUCAS HEYLIGER, born St. Eustatius 25th January 1744, died St Maarten 15th September 1792, married his cousin ALETTA HEYLIGER". Their  granddaughter  "ELIZ JANE HEYLIGER", born  1814,  died  St Maarten  1849, married on St. Maarten 29th March 1832,  "RICHARD ROBINSON RICHARDSON",and their grandson "ERNST GLADSTONE RICHARDSON" born St Vincent 24th Febuary 1784 settled in Pennsylvania in the late century.

Note: Information from Eugene Richardson, a collateral descendant of Richard Robinson Richardson.

(3)  JOHANNES HEYLIGER, born 1749/50, died St. Croix  11th  March 1811  married on St. Maarten in 1772 to "ELIZABETH SALOMONS"  and moved  to  New Haven about 1789. They were the parents  of  "ANNA MARIA  HEYLIGER",  born  3rd August 1774,  who  attended  Morvian Seminary and of "ALFRED HEYLIGER" born St. Croix 19th July  1788, died 5th July 1863, who graduated from Yale College in 1809."

(4) MARIA HEYLIGER, born St. Maarten 1758, died St Eustatius 14th July  1810  married on St Maarten 5th October  1777,  her  cousin "JACOBUS HEYLIGER". Their son "ABRAHAM DESMOND HEYLIGER" born St. Maarten 22nd November 1778 married his first cousin once removed, "ADLINE  MARGARTHA BENNERS" and they were the parents of  "CHRISTIAN ECKARD HEYLIGER' born St. Croix 6th January 1805 who attended   Nazareth   Hall.  The  daughter  of   "Jacobus   and   Maria Heyliger,"CATHARINA  DESMOND  HEYLIGER", born  St.  Maarten  10th September  1782,  died there 21st November 1866, married  on  St. Eustatius  27th December 1801, "PETER STEWART" who in  June  1834 described  himself as being of Steward Lodge, Greene County,  New York.

(5) SARAH McARTHUR HEYLIGER, born St. Maarten 1766 married on St. Maarten 13th November 1783," CHARLES CHABERT". They had a son who attended  Nazareth Hall and two daughters who  attended  Moravian Seminary.

(6)  ELIZABETH  HEYLIGER, born St. Maarten 1768  married  "JOSEPH BLAKE  CHABERT". Their daughter "ELIZABETH LOUISA CHABERT',  born St.  Croix 18th April 1800, married "WILLIAM BURT", of St.  Croix and died in New Haven, Conn. 16th December 1833.

The  fourth son: GUILLIAM HEYLIGER, died St. Eustatius 1757,  who married about 1773 MARIA JEEMS. Their daughter ANNA HEYLIGER,born St.  Eustatius 2nd September 1735 married on St.  Eustatius,  3rd November 1754, her cousin LUCAS DOEKE GROEBE.

The fifth son: JOHANNES HEYLIGER, born Beef island (off  Tortola) who  married  on St. Eustatius 9th August 1725,  JOHANNA  GRAVAL. They left few descendants, none of whom had any known  connection with the United States. 

The  six  son:  ABRAHAM HEYLIGER, born St.  Eustatius,  1687  who married on St. Eustatius, 19th November 1710, MARIA SALOMONS.

The older son of Abraham Heyliger was ABRAHAM HEYLIGER, born 1711 died  St. Eustatius 20th November 1785, Governor of St  Eustatius in 1785, who married there in 1731 ADRIANA LUCAS RAAPZAAT.  There son  ABRAHAM  HEYLIGER, born 1732, died Saba 4th  December  1794, married  1765  GRACE HYDE, and they were the parents  of  WILLIAM HEYLIGER, born 26th July 1766, whose daughters or  granddaughters entered  Moravian  Seminary in 1840. A young son of  ABRAHAM  and ADRIANA  HEYLIGER was WILLIAM HEYLIGER, born 26th July  1736  who married in 1761 ELIZABETH RENEE HALEY, they were the ancestors of WILLIAM HEYLIGER, author of childrens books.

Note:  WILLIAM HEYLIGER: born march 22nd 1884 Author, Editor;  s. Daniel  Andellen (Sullivan) Heyliger Pub. Sch. and  Sacred  Heart  Acad.,  Hoboken N.J. married June 12th 1906 Cathirene  C.  McDermott.  there  Children: Ellen, Cecllia, Margarete,  William  Jr., Elizabeth,  Robert, Catherine, Donald. 2nd Marriage to  Fluer  C. Banekov Feb 27th 1949. In mercantile business and newspaper  work until 1912; Editor lit. for Youth Fiction Dept. Westminster Press Philadelphia.  Roman catholic. "

Author  since 1911 latest publishings (Son of The  Apple  Valley-1940), (Your On The Air-1941), (Gasoline Jockey-1942), (SOS Radio patrol-1942),  (Top Lineman-1943), (Home is on a One Way  Street-1945).  Home:3837  Garret Road, Drexel Hill. P.A. (WHO'S  WHO  IN AMERICA 1956)

The younger son was JOHANNES HEYLIGER,baptised St. Eustatius  3rd December  1713 died there 1776 who married on St.  Eustatius  3rd June  1733,  CATHARINA LINDESAY. They were the parents  of  PETER HEYLIGER, born St. Eustatius 11th October 1750, died 1785 who was in the class of 1772 at Harvard College, and of JACOBUS HEYLIGER, born  St. Eustatius 15th March 1758, died St. Maarten  1794,  who married his cousin MARIA HEYLIGER. 

'Johannes  and Catherina Heyliger' were also the parents  of 'JUDITH  HEYLIGER',  born  St. Eustatius 1740,  died  1772/3  who married  on St. Eustatius 26th December 1762, as his first  wife, GERRIT  SPREEWERT  DE  WINDT. Their  oldest  daughter  MARGARETHA CATHERINA  DE WINDT, born 1763 married on St Thomas 4th  December 1778, FREDRICK MOTH VAN UYTENDAELE, Baron von Bretton and two  of their  daughters attended Moravian Seminary. A Younger  daughter, ELIZABETH  DE WINDT, born St Croix 20th August 1769,  died  there 12th  July  1832 married on St Croix, 16th  January  1792,  COUNT JULIUS  FRIEDRICH  LUDWIG  VON RANTZOW,and one  of  their  great-granddaughters  settled  in the United States in the  early  20th century.

The oldest daughter of Guilliam Heyliger: FRANCINA HEYLIGER, who married PIETER HENDRICKS. among their children very  probably was  ANNA  HENDRICKS wife of LUCAS DOEKE GROEBE Jr.  (stepson  of Anna  Maria  Heyliger). Their son LUCAS DOEKE  GROEBE,  born  St. Eustatius  3rd August 1733, married his cousin ANNA HEYLIGER  and they  were  evidently were the parents of ANN  GROEBE,  died  3rd January 1805, wife of WILLIAM STEVENSON of Demerara and later of Philadelphia. The other daughters of 'Guilliam Heyliger' were:

ANNA HEYLIGER, wife of LODEWYCK AERTSEN; CATHARINA  HEYLIGER,wife of  Dr.  THEODORUS  KETTERLING;. JANNEKE HEYLIGER,  wife  of  JAN HENDRICKS; and MARIA HEYLIGER. None of their descendants had  any known connections with the United States.

Note:  A  book written by author BARBARA W.  TUCHMAN  named  "THE FIRST SALUTE"; A view of the American Revolution, Now on the 1990 'Best Sellers list'. A review on the first salute to the American Flag  of the ship 'Andrew Doria' by Governor Johannes de  Graaff; Governor of the Dutch West Indian Island of Eustatius on November 16th, 1776.

Note:  HAROLD CLIFFORD DE WINDT, born January 23rd  1911,  Grand rapids   Michigan;  s  JUSTUS  CHRISTOPHER  and   AMY   (TUINMAN) A.B..,Hope  Coll., 1933 Th.B. Princton 1936; A.M.  Columbia  1941 D.D.  (Hon), Trinity University 1946. Married ESTER  A.  MAURITS, June  13th  1936. 1 son DAVID MAURITS. Ordained  to  Ministry  of Presbyn. Ch. 1936, served as Minister first Ch., Morrsville,  P.a 1935-37  Webb Horton Memorial Church New York 1937-42  West  Park Church N.Y.City since 1943 Director Presbyn. Founder of New York Trustee Board of Church Erection Fund. General  Assmbely  of Presbyn Church USA. Protestant  Chaplin  Doctors Hospital  Memorial. Comm on Evangelism of protestant  Council  of New York (Chairman since 1948) Home: 151 West 86th Street. Office 165 West 86th Street. New York City 24.

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